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sunggyu’s charming point is…?

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hyungdon asked for kisses on the cheek but then

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오늘 하루종일 비가오고 날씨도 마음도 흐릿하지만~.~ back을 들으면서 미묘한 감정을 잘 다스렸으리라 믿어요! 흐흐 이제 저녁시간인데 얼른 밥먹구! 몸따땃하게 데파주이소~ 잠자기전에 찾아갈게 다이아몬드처럼~~



Even though it’s been raining all the day and the weather and my mood is gloomy~.~ I believe that these…

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140724 Mnet Countdown Begins INFINITE Cut 

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 ] 스타들의 최고의 순간을 360도로 즐겨라!   

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Download INFINITE Wallpapers for your phone using the LINE DECO app!

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